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High Performance Construction, Passive Design

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At Blaise Building Services, we believe in improving the living conditions of every human and looking after the planet by providing a healthier environment through high performance construction. Our aim is to make healthier, more economical and sustainable homes the new norm. ​


Using proven techniques and following world leading standards, our team of certified Passive House experts will ensure high performance is achieved on your project. We are building towards carbon negative and energy positive buildings. Our core values are:


Contributing to shaping a healthier world for future generations



Over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Blaise Building Services is an active member of relevant construction and high performance building associations (Master Builder, Passive House Institute, PHA), with in house certified Passive House designers, consultants & tradesperson.


Our team is always on the lookout for better ways to design and build in a smart and sustainable manner.

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With services ranging from consulting to construction, Blaise Building Services works with architects, developers and builders to ensure they achieve their projects & clients high performance goals.


Whether you are looking for a complete design of your future home or you just want to make your existing design more efficient, our team of experts will combine aesthetics and performance to build the living space of your dreams.


We also offer design services for full scale commercial buildings.


Smart, High-performance, Sustainable and Fast. From demolition to lock-up stage, we will challenge the common idea that construction equals delays and instead deliver a durable, high-performance and sustainable building within incredibly short time-frames using our fail-safe building strategies.

We adhere to the international Passive House standards, guaranteeing performance results.


From a classic Australian house to a high performing home.

At Blaise Building Services we use our expertise to transform your existing space into a healthy & highly efficient living environment. 

Our building enhancement services can be tailored to both commercial and industrial infrastructures.


We provide consulting services to both home owners and industry professionals, encompassing but not limited to high performance constructions, sustainable builds and Passive House standards.

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We aim to create spaces that care for their occupants while preserving the environment.

Our high performing constructions present multiple benefits :

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We spend 90% of our time indoors with 50% of that inside our home (pre COVID19).

To improve air quality, we use high performing technologies making our buildings:

  • Particle Pollution Safe : keeping bushfire smoke, exhaust fumes (etc.) outside using air-tight and filtered mechanical ventilation technologies

  • Constant Clean Air : extracting harmful gases and smells (eg. kitchen, cigarette) replaced by filtered fresh air

  • Mould Free : reducing environment related health issues (eg. asthma)

  • Thermal Comfort : we can guarantee an indoor temperature between 20°C - 25°C with a relative humidity of between 30 and 65%  .

  • Allergy Friendly 

  • Vermin Resistant


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We are proud members of MBA NSW and APHA.

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